Acoustomagnetic article surveillance (EAS / AM)

A number of significant advantages make the acoustomagnetic article surveillance - EAS AM - one of the most popular article surveillance systems for fashion shops in the retail trade:

AM merchandise security systems can be used for all article categories.

Sirius - System for acoustomagnetic article protection

Sirius Transparent is an acousto-magnetic retail security system, which can be used as a one-antenna, two-antennae, as well as a three-antennae solution for article protection. The power pack, which is included, feeds up to three antennae, which reduces the amount of space needed and the installation work substantially.

Naturally, the system works with all common 58 kHz hard tags and soft labels. One can thus continue to use labels that have already been acquired.

Sirius Mono Sirius 42. Acustomagnetic article surveillance, antenna solution, works with hardlabels + softlabels

Sirius Mono

Sirius Power Adapter suitable for Sirius accustomagnetic article surveillance

Sirius Power Adapter

Loop-Guard - AM article surveillance system without visible large antennas

Loop-Guardâ„¢ is the first acousto-magnetic retail security system that does without visible, large antennas. In addition, it is not necessary to install large antennae in the ground. Loop-Guard can be integrated into side walls or door frames.


Loop Guard AM article surveillance system for retail without visible large antennas

Triton Plexi

Triton-Plexi is compatible with all SENSORMATIC-components. The system can be furnished with up to 3 antennas.  

  • Available in any colour
  • Standard Frequency: 58 kHz
  • suitable for hard and sticky tags.

Triton Plexi


Handopener MK225

to open the patented lock of all Supertag security devices.

Handopener MK225 for opening of patented locks of Supertag security devices

Automatic opener MK395

to open the patented lock of all Supertag security devices. Works automatically.

Automatic opener MK395 for automatic opening of Supertag security devices

ScanMax Deactivator Family

different models and designs available to fit into or under desks.

ScanMax Deactivator Family. EAS Deactivator for cash desks.

UltraLite long

with magnetic lock. Especially suitable for underwear and very thin or sensitive fabrics.

Ultralite long Supertag with magnetic lock for underwear and sensitive fabrics

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